WrestleMania 32 Predictions (Part 3)

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H (c) v. Roman Reigns (Official)


04-March: With Reigns out selling the nose ‘injury’ from last week and no Brock on TV, the focus was shifted to Dean Ambrose challenging Triple H. This World Championship match has been officially announced for a Network special on March 12. I’m a little confused by this match. Does Reigns return and attack Triple H while costing Ambrose the title? Does Brock run in to assault Ambrose and cost him the title? Reigns isn’t over, so this could just be a way to try to get heel heat on Triple H by having him beat Ambrose. It wouldn’t work. Plus, do you want the guy who is about to have a Street Fight with Brock Lesnar to lose to Triple H a few weeks before? The Reigns/Triple H match has surely been downgraded to a semi-main event to save face when the crowd craps on Reigns winning the belt. Or maybe there will be a double turn where Reigns goes heel and Triple H goes babyface.

Brock Lesnar v. Dean Ambrose in a Street Fight (Official)


04-March: There was almost no focus on any further developments between Brock and Ambrose. Instead the focus was on Triple H and Ambrose, which isn’t going to happen at WrestleMania. Instead, it builds to a Network special on March 12. The worst thing WWE could do would be to have Ambrose pin the IC Champion or something on Smackdown or RAW to try to ‘build him up’ for Triple H. WWE is in trouble when they can’t even effectively use 4 weeks of TV to build WrestleMania’s other semi-main event. I also just read that Ambrose pinned Kevin Owens in a non-title match on Smackdown. Of course.

Undertaker v. Shane McMahon in Hell in a Cell (Official)


04-March: Shane wasn’t on TV this week. Undertaker appeared and was all like, “Cool, but his blood is on your hands, Vince.” Then he left. Judging by Shane’s training tweets, it looks like this match will indeed happen for real. I really don’t know what happens in this match. Shane either takes a ridiculous beating and bumps all over and loses or takes a ridiculous beating and bumps all over only for Undertaker to pull his lifeless body on top of him and allow himself to be pinned. I assume the former option as there are rumors of a brand split coming back. It would make sense for Shane to take over Smackdown. Currently, the talent isn’t there for something like that. Once Cena and Rollins return along with NXT call-ups like Balor, Zayn, Samoa Joe, Aries, Nakamura, and others, it is doable.

WWE Women’s Championship: Charlotte (c) v. Sasha Banks v. Becky Lynch (Official)


04-March: Sasha and Becky had a good #1 contender’s match on RAW that ended with a draw (and a stupid finishing spot). Same kind of deal on Smackdown. The match was made official last night. This match needs Sasha and Becky since they’re better in-ring workers. Charlotte is great, but I still recall Sasha and Becky’s NXT title match being excellent. Taking Charlotte out temporarily so they can wrestle for 5 minutes would be great.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Kevin Owens (c) v. Sami Zayn


04-March: Kevin Owens was finally back on TV Monday. He lost to Big Show via count out. I just read the SmackDown results and he lost clean to Ambrose. Safe to say there will be no Sami Zayn match and it will instead be some 6-7 person clusterfuck of a ladder match involving the rest of the lower mid-card to get them on the show. Total waste of an opportunity to build a feud that people will care about. Maybe the IC title match can be built around jobbers stealing the IC belt from each other every week. What a huge missed opportunity.

WWE United States Championship: Kalisto (c) v. AJ Styles


04-March: For some reason, despite AJ Styles being among the top 2 pops during live events, he has seemingly been paired with Jericho in a tag team. I won’t even use the tag team name because it is so awful. They have a tag title match next week that will undoubtedly end in a DQ or something. Could WWE waste another guy like Styles in a tag match at WrestleMania? You know it. I assume that Jericho and Styles will face the New Day for the titles at WrestleMania. There must not be any big plans for Kalisto, who is still US Champion. He and Sin Cara did the job to the League of Nations on RAW this week. Kalisto is a fun guy to watch wrestle, but there’s almost no character development. That means I increasingly care less. He likely ends up on the pre-show.

WWE Tag Team Championship TLC Match: New Day (c) v. Usos v. Dudleys v. Golden Truth


04-March: I’m keeping this match here because there is so much going on that no one cares about that it still might happen. The Usos and Dudleys are having a feud right now that I’m not sure anyone cares too much about. The Dudley’s as anti-table heels likely plays well to the live event crowds, but the smark crowds are going to cheer them over the Usos. Does anyone remember why the Dudleys hate the Usos? I don’t. All this time, I also thought it was R Truth trying to be Goldust’s partner. That’s how bad the storylines are: I can’t even remember what happened week to week.

Stardust v. Stephen Amell

04-March: This match will occur on Twitter as they trade snarky 140 character insults during the pre-show tag title match.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal


04-March: This still hasn’t been announced. The favorite is likely still (ugh) Ryback who has been dominating such superstars as Adam Rose. But at least he didn’t almost break Luke Harper’s shoulder this week with a sloppy finisher! Speaking of the Wyatts, I don’t remember seeing them on TV this week. If you tune in to the WWE Network on March 12, you will get to see Brock Lesnar break Bray in half, though.

John Cena returns

04-March: No updates here. I still think he is somehow involved in the Hell in a Cell. Special referee?

Flo Rida Performs

04-March: This is inevitable since there’s always some awful R&B/rap filler concert. What’s hilarious about it is that the audience for this show is the last audience that is probably streaming Flo Rida right now. You have to buy food and use the bathroom at some point, though. My old hope is that Kevin Owens power bombs him off the stage through a table.

Other Predictions

04-March: Here’s a list of other predictions.

  • Crowd pop of the night: Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • OMG/Holy Shit moment: Whatever insane bump Shane McMahon takes
  • Total time wasted for video recaps before every match: 25-35 minutes
  • Loudest booing: Roman Reigns
  • Number of suplexes given to Ambrose: 14

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