WrestleMania XXXI, Part 3

Not much is new and we are only 20 days away from WrestleMania. That’s pretty shocking. There are 3 announced matches. Lesnar against Reigns and Sting against Triple H are official. Undertaker vs. Wyatt is not official yet. The Intercontinental championship ladder match is announced, but no one knows all the competitors yet. Also, apparently you can just steal the IC belt and it then belongs to you. I can write about the stupidity of this match build-up whenever it actually exists in all its glory.

The Andre Battle Royal is also happening. We don’t know who all is in it. I stand by my Miz/Mizdow scenario I mentioned in my last post. Mizdow has yet to officially enter as of Monday afternoon.

The only other announced match was today, on social media of all godforsaken places. AJ & Paige against the Bella Twins. I only ask why? Why? It’s WrestleMania. This tag match is some throwaway Raw or Smackdown contest. WrestleMania should have importance. Why is this not a Fatal 4-Way for the title? You can tease the past animosity between AJ and Paige. You can also revisit the Bella feud that was never really explained. It makes for an unpredictable match (everyone for themselves) and with the exception of Natalya, those are the 4 best female workers on the main roster.

Instead, a meaningless tag team match. WrestleMania everyone!

As a side note, now that Stardust is involved in this IC title garbage, it seems that a long awaited brother against brother WrestleMania match is off the table. Another massive waste. You know Daniel Bryan will end up in this ladder match, right? I mean, we are 20 days out and the most popular star in WWE isn’t booked in a match officially. Darren Young and Zack Ryder are officially booked on the card. Daniel Bryan is not. He will be, but as of right now: Nope.


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