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The Dark Knight Rises Review

July 22, 2012


The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final movie for this particular Batman franchise. I saw the movie at midnight on opening night and now that I’ve had a few days for the movie to sink in, I’ll review it. Of course, don’t read on if you don’t want aspects of the plot spoiled. In my opinion, I think this movie is better than 2008’s The Dark Knight. It’s refreshing to see a movie trilogy end with closure as well. There is closure regardless of how you interpret the ending.

As you know, the movie starts out 8 years after The Dark Knight ends. The Batman is gone because of the events during The Dark Knight. He’s public enemy #1 while Harvey Dent is still hailed as a hero. Due to this, it’s said that a law was passed, The Dent Act, which enabled all the criminals to be locked up. Gotham is enjoying a time of peace, but it’s clear that Commissioner Gordon still feels immense guilt over the lie being told to the public. On the 8th anniversary of Dent’s death, Gordon almost tells the truth, but chooses not to do so. Bruce Wayne is also a recluse, having not been seen in years.

Selina Kyle is introduced early in the movie and never referred to as Catwoman in the film. Hathaway is pretty good as Catwoman and much better than Batman Returns. She doesn’t have ‘9 Lives’, but is instead a skilled fighter and good at getting out of situations, which makes more sense as a character who is more of a master thief. Another major character was John Blake, who was played brilliantly by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Without spoiling too much, you discover that John isn’t his real first name.

Now we get to Bane. I thought Bane was a good character. I’ll be honest, I had a little trouble understanding his speech sometimes, but it may have been because I had to sit in the second row of the theater and not in the middle. Bane is insanely brutal and is involved with probably the most shocking scene in any Batman movie – the first fight between him and Batman. I didn’t read too much about the movie before release, so I wasn’t even expecting Bane to not be the main antagonist in the movie. That part caught me off-guard.

More or less, during Gotham’s time of peace, the city has been lulled into a false sense of security. At the same time, Bane is directly beneath them quietly building a revolution. He exploits the poor by pitting them against the wealthy and slowly builds an army. Of course, with no Batman, the city is powerless to stop Bane once his plan begins. Bane uses the lies the public was told about Harvey Dent to further turn the city against itself. While you might correctly assume that the Dark Knight ‘Rises’ in this movie, you might incorrectly assume he fell at the end of The Dark Knight. No, Batman’s fall happens in a pretty shocking series of events about halfway into the movie. It brings the entire trilogy full circle and even brings back Alfred’s actions (burning Rachel’s letter).

The finale will send chills down your spine as Batman leads the hundreds of police officers into the warzone that once was City Hall to fight Bane and his army hand-to-hand. There’s also an insane sequence with the Bat (plane) fighting a group of Tumblers that have been modified by Bane’s army. All of this while they race against time and Batman literally gives Gotham his everything. Earlier, Catwoman had asked Batman to just leave the city with her because he’s given the city ‘everything’ to which he responds, “Not everything, not yet.”

The movie ends with a scene with Alfred and the look on his face will almost make you cry out of happiness. It’s a great ending and shows that Batman will live on as a symbol of hope with or without Bruce Wayne. I’m of the opinion that there was no hidden message or illusion, what you see is what’s really happening and it’s perfect that way. 


WWE RAW Review (09 July 2012)

July 10, 2012

Here we go with another WWE Raw review – this time for Raw #998. Michael Cole called it #999 to open the show, so that should give you a sign that this show was a debacle. TNA is receiving fairly universal acclaim for their PPV Destination X this past Sunday, so what will WWE do to try to steal at least some of their thunder? I’ll warn you, they basically crapped on everyone’s TV screen.

The show opened up with AJ skipping to the ring. Blah, blah, blah, and out came CM Punk. Eventually, AJ proposed marriage to CM Punk before being interrupted by Daniel Bryan. Bryan then proposed to AJ instead. Punk and Bryan argued back and forth and the stupid iPhone text jingle went off. You know what this means – the Anonymous RAW GM is back. The computer booked AJ & Punk vs. Bryan & Eve as the main event. Quick, name one mixed tag match that has been awesome… Time’s up! Couldn’t think of one? What’s that tell you? Those types of matches suck? If so, you’re smarter than the WWE writing team.


WWE RAW 1000

July 10, 2012

WWE has been putting on the worst weekly show humanly possible for quite some time now. That being said, RAW 1000 is coming up very soon and I have a pretty fantastic ticket that I could probably flip for 5-6x what I paid, but I won’t. That being said, the entire show is being built on past stars and part-timers. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Rock, and Brock Lesnar are all official right now. You can almost be certain that Undertaker will make an appearance (I mean, he was on RAW #1). Ticketmaster still has tickets, but the best left available is 12 rows up in the upper deck. StubHub’s inventory is also rapidly decreasing, which means this show might be a legit sell-out by July 23rd.

The arena capacity is 19,150, but I don’t know how many more seats a WWE event adds. That being said, the reason most people are going is a bad sign for WWE. People like me are going to see the older stars because there is no way in hell I’d pay to see the regular garbage they air every week. One day, that proverbial well will dry up. Triple H appears enough that his appearance isn’t that special. Shawn Michaels has less and less to do with WWE every year. Undertaker will soon retire – probably very, very soon. Lesnar doesn’t care about wrestling and he’ll make his money and be gone again after WrestleMania. The Rock is the #4 highest paid actor in Hollywood and if you think he’s going to ever really make a full-time return to WWE, you’re insane. Kane is reaching the end of his career. The same goes for Jericho and Big Show. Cena has the Bieber Effect in that all his fans are children and once they reach a certain age, they aren’t fans anymore. Punk and Bryan continue to have their Championship feud overshadowed by AJ, Kane, Cena, MITB, take your pick. WWE is in big, big trouble.

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

July 9, 2012


Spoilers ahead!

I decided to give The Amazing Spider-Man movie a chance on Independence Day. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I’m part of the crowd who was kind of bummed to see a new Peter Parker and a rebooted franchise with the last trilogy still so fresh. I agree that Spider-Man 3 was a poorly written plot that tried to do way too much at once and was generally bad in comparison to the first two movies – both of which rank among my favorite movies.

Let’s start with the movie’s plot. It’s a straight-up reboot. Most of the movie is fairly similar to 2002’s Spider-Man. I’ll start with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. Tobey Maguire, in my opinion, was absolutely perfect for this part, so taking his place will be a challenge. I think Garfield played the role pretty well, but I think that the way he was presented was awful. First, in the original Spider-Man, Parker was a true nerd. He was down on his luck, wore glasses, clumsy, insanely brilliant, and just about every other nerd stereotype there is. You felt sorry for him, you were happy when he did well, and you just wanted him to win. Like when Doc Ock levels a de-powered Parker through a wall and takes MJ, Parker bursts out of the rubble, throws his now useless glasses down (His powers were back), and clenches his fist in anger. You just knew he was going to beat Doc Ock’s ass. It then led to the famous train fight, which might be one of the best movie fight scenes ever. There is no feel-good moment like that in this movie.


WWE Raw Live Blog (02 July 2012)

July 3, 2012

Pre-opening: The Colossal Clutch is the name for Big Show’s stupid half assed Camel Clutch.

Great, the MITB has 3 guys who won’t bump. Great ready for a plodding, slow match complete with many, slow, very slow ladder climbs. Cena comes out happy and smiling after being assaulted. But no, he’s above being mad. I really don’t like Cena. Sounds like Cena is cutting a promo for all the 9-year-old fans.

Is this what wrestling has come to? Just long winded, pointless promos with all the competitors just talking over each other? Great, here comes Jericho to say he’ll win.

No, he’s just going to go through all his past catch phrases. Since the audience is 9 year old, they have no idea what’s happening. And here’s Kane to add to this pointless rambling.

Big Show adds nothing to this. Just utterly pointless. Almost like the bookers can’t come up with an original idea to build a feud, so they based an entire, boring 15 minute promo on it. Goodbye ratings. A 15 minute promo that accomplished nothing.

Oh, God. A completely random 8-man tag. Christian, Santino, Kofi, and Truth vs. PTP, Otunga, and Rhodes. Will this lead to anything?

This is a really sloppy match. The Prime Time Players again show that wins don’t matter. They took a blatant loss again. Then Rhodes walks out. Now it’s 1 on 4. Now Otunga is apparently being written off TV with a heel-style beat down after being pinned by Santino. All the kids in the ring dancing with Brodus make me feel stupid for watching this.

The whole heels bailing on a match and taking a count out doesn’t really work if they aren’t champions. Heel champions do it to keep the belts as they don’t change hands on a Count Out. Why do they really care if they lose? They’re the champs! If they aren’t the champions, it’s a loss that should hurt their standing as competitors, right? Illogical.

Love that Raw flashback with McMahon training for Austin.

Hey, once again Del Rio slams that car door like he wants to damage the car. Is he retarded?

This is the best booking of Sin Cara ever. No one wants to see his garbage style and I’d rather Cara look like a jobber than someone like Christian. Maybe Sin Cara won’t come back.

I warned you last week. WWE tried to hint that Lesnar would respond, but didn’t actually advertise him. Now you see it’ll be Heyman. Nothing wrong with Heyman, though. Don’t expect to see Lesnar though.

See? WWE ruined Lesnar already. Him being dangerous would be believable if Cena hadn’t beaten him. So, uh, what does he think Triple H will do to him if PG Cena took Lesnar’s best and still won?