Final Fantasy XIII Mission 62: Raktavija (Indomitable Will)

If you’re going in order, this is probably the toughest fight you’ll have been in so far. These two guys have the potential to really ruin you fast. You might have already faced a single one in Titan’s Trials, but dealing with two is far more difficult – especially for a weaker party. I find it more fun to play these things before you have ultimate weapons and maxed abilities. Otherwise, it’s too easy. I don’t remember what my actual statistics were for this fight, but I think my characters were pretty close to level 5 on their 3 main concentrations and level 1 or so on the others. I had upgraded weapons, but no ultimate weapons. I definitely had Lightning’s Ultima Weapon (not mastered) and Vanille’s Malboro Wand. When you’re equipping accessories, choose everything with magic defense since that’s all these guys use. I used Fang, Lightning and Vanille for this fight as well.

I don’t remember all my paradigms, but I do know I used Tri-Disaster (RAV/RAV/RAV), Relentless Assault (COM/RAV/RAV), Perseverance (SAB/MED/MED) and Exploitation (COM/SAB/SAB).

This fight isn’t going to last long and I don’t think they can remove your status enhancements, so you don’t really need to worry too much about rebuffing yourself. Don’t bother with a Sentinel if you’re going for 5-stars, either. Use the fortisol and aegisol shrouds prior to beginning and enter the fight. The first thing you should do is start debuffing them while Lightning attacks. Her attacks are irrelevant since their shields are up, but if you’re using a quick-stagger weapon, there is always that small chance that she’ll stagger them instantly. Anyway, slow is definitely important so that they aren’t blitzing you constantly. Once they’re debuffed with slow and at least imperil, heal real quick if you need to and switch to Tri-Disaster and go after one of them. Time your attacks well so that the stagger bar doesn’t fall down and reset. Without a COM, it doesn’t stay charged for long. You want to take one of these things out as fast as possible. Once again, if you’re going for 5-stars, no healing until one of them is dead.

Once staggered, stay in Tri-Disaster for a few rounds to punch the stagger to over 600% or so and then switch to Relentless Assault and attack. If you were a low level party like I was, you will find that the Raktavija will have about 15-20% of its HP left as the stagger is about to run out. At this point, use Fang’s Highwind attack (equipped with a Genji Glove, of course) and she will finish it off. If you’re higher level, you won’t need that last knockout blow. Repeat that technique with the last one. To get 5-stars, you might need some luck via an instant stagger from Lightning. It’s a hell of a lot more difficult than I just made it seem if you aren’t strong enough or lacking the proper accessories. Of course, there is a little luck involved and some risks if you’re going for 5-stars.

I also like the title for this fight: Indomitable Will. I believe it was taken from a Ghandi quote, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” I personally guarantee that if you go into this fight like you would any other fight, you will get the shit kicked out of you and fully believe that it’s not possible to win. I say that because that’s what I thought the first 15 or 20 times I tried it. I beat Mission 64 on my third try for a 5-star rating. This one took me over 20 tries to beat and even longer to 5-star.

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3 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII Mission 62: Raktavija (Indomitable Will)”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hey, tried your tactic. Worked at the first try with 5 stars. Thanks.

  2. Mike Sandy Says:

    It took me three tries to get a five star – the first try was on another PS3 (before it broke and I got a new one), the second was simply to beat the two monsters, and the third was for a 5-star rating. On my third try, I had 4 maxed Witch’s Bracelets on everyone. I don’t remember the stats, but I think magic damage reduction went above 50% on everyone. I had all characters at Lv.5 on three roles, Lv. 1 on one role, and Lv. 0 on every other role. I used Fang, Sazh, and Vanille. I started with Fortisol and Aegisol, began with Infiltration until slow stuck, buffed myself to ensure I had ShellRA on everyone, and kicked the hell out of the first one with Tri-Disaster. Upon staggering it, I switched to Infiltration, debuffed it more, and switched to Cerberus to kill it. Since I was controlling Fang, I made sure to use Highwind to finish off the first one. I then switched to Com/Med/Med (forget the name), healed, and repeated the process. I don’t remember how long the battle took, but I earned about 16,000 points, which means I was WAY under the time limit.

  3. Nam Says:

    Thanks a lot for your guide. I made it in 2nd try. It’s really helpful. Thanks again

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