Nightwish ‘End of an Era’ Blu-Ray review.


I finally ordered End of an Era on Blu Ray a week or so ago and I love it.  The first thing you need to realize is that the Blu Ray doesn’t come with the 2-disc audio CD as well like the DVD release does.  The actual picture is pretty good. It’s definitely not true high-definition, but it looks like a typical upscaled DVD version.  It contains the full concert, which is, by far, my favorite performance this band has ever done.  One great thing about the old Nightwish is that they sound unbelievably better live rather than in the studio.  As far as the audio goes, there is 5.1 support.  The only bonus feature I’ve seen is the 40-minute documentary of the few weeks leading up to this show.  It’s fairly interesting, but it doesn’t feature a whole lot of Tarja.  You can tell that Tuomas is a severely depressed guy or it’s just portraying things as being really uncomfortable leading up to Tarja’s dismissal from the band literally right after the concert.  Not sure which.

Either way, the concert is sometimes hard to watch because you know what’s going to happen right afterward, but if you’re like me and absolutely love the old Nightwish with Tarja, I highly recommend this DVD or Blu Ray. It is simply amazing.


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