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Top 100 Songs.

July 26, 2009

I’m going to start compiling my top 100 songs fairly soon.  I’ll roll them out 10 at a time starting with #91-100. It should be noted that these are my top 100, not what a magazine or website chooses as their top songs or ‘most influential’. It should also finally show you what kind of music I like the most since I find it almost impossible to describe.


Lethal Performance Weekend Sale.

July 26, 2009

I’m late on this, but Lethal Performance is running a sale through July 27th, 2009, where you get 5% off your online order.  Not too significant, but if you were planning on making a big purchase (blower, clutch, etc.), the savings could be worth it.


MGW Shifter Trim Ring.

July 6, 2009

I have an MGW shifter trim ring in the Cobra.  I don’t think they even sell it anymore and it looks to be the chrome finish (previous owner installed it), which I don’t understand since the rest of the MGW in the car is the silver finish.  Anyway, the trim ring is all messed up.  It has some blemishes and is really messed up, which is also weird because I never touch it.  When I ‘clean’ it, I use a microfiber cloth and just very lightly wipe the dust off the ring.  I would buy a new one with the silver finish, but it is discontinued for some reason.

Trim Ring

Kate Voegele.

July 6, 2009

My newest pop music fascination is Kate Voegele.  She’s cute and has talent.  Do I really need to say anymore?  She has two albums:

Don’t Look Away (2007)

Don't Look Away

A Fine Mess (2009)

A Fine Mess

Here’s the music video for the song ‘99 Times‘:

How About A Post Listing Future Upgrades To The Cobra?

July 3, 2009


Russell Stainless Steel Brake Lines ($149.99)

SS Brake Lines

Hawk HPS Front ($95.00) & Rear ($63.00) Brake Pads

Hawk HPS


(2) Nitto 555R 315/35R-17 ($196.00/ea.)

Nitto 555R


T-56 Throwout Bearing Retainer Sleeve ($114.99)

TOB Sleeve

CenterForce Throwout/Release Bearing ($37.94)


Liberty Gear 26-Spline Input Shaft ($279.00) w/ Shim Kit ($20.00)

26-SplineShim Kit

Spec Steel Flywheel ($245.00)


Spec Stage 3+ 26-Spline Clutch ($499.95)

Spec Stage 3+


FPW Black Billet Side Scoop Inserts ($69.95)

Side Scoop Inserts

Terminator ID Tags (Both Sizes) ($44.50)



Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD Receiver ($349.95) w/ GEX-P920XM Satellite Tuner ($92.79)

In-Dash DVDXM Tuner

Follow Me On Twitter.

July 3, 2009

If you haven’t noticed, I keep a Twitter feed on the side bar.  You can also go directly to my Twitter page and follow me by clicking on the thumbnail image!

Twitter Thumb