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Ordered Some Dress-Up Items For The Cobra.

March 30, 2009

I got bored and ordered some things for the car.  The interior already has a bunch of MGW silver-finish in it, so I ordered the rest of the stuff.

First, a power outlet plug.  The factory plug is some cheap black plastic deal that says 12V on it.  I ordered the one with the Cobra on it:


Next, I am getting a silver-finish cup holder trim ring.  Like I said, the rest of the car is accented in this and it just really completes the look.  Best of all, MGW is high quality stuff.  Rubber gaskets will hold this in place with no drilling or glue.  Yes, this picture shows the same e-brake handle and shifter knob I have (mine is a Cobra symbol).


Up next, is a bezel for the larger rubber cup holder.  Same silver-finish style and once again, no drilling or glue required for installation.


The next batch of stuff is from Lethal Performance.  The first thing from there is the LDC Clutch Freeplay Modification.  Once you install the aftermarket clutch quadrant, there is a sort of dead spot in the clutch pedal.  It’s not really an issue, but it will rattle on occasion, which drives me insane.  This simple modification should tighten it up and give it a little of a firmer feel.


Then I ordered some lighting items.  The first thing was a set of LED bulbs for the license plate lighting.  I think that white light is always an improvement over factory yellow lighting.  I’m hoping they aren’t too bright.  I’ve researched some other owners who have installed them and some look normal and some look bright.  The folks who bought the lights from LP seemed to look better while the people who bought random LEDs seemed to be on the bright side.  There shouldn’t be a difference, so we’ll see when I install them.


Lastly for now, I matched the license plate bulbs with some LED reverse lights.  Once again, the pictures I’ve found tell two stories.  Some look incredibly bright, which I do not like.  Some look perfect.


A few of the things I passed on that I’d like to have at some point include:

Billet side scoop inserts.  I hate the factory cheap plastic inserts.  They pick up junk and debris and are almost impossible to clean.  These are simple and match the billet hood vents I have installed.  They look much easier to clean, too.


An SVT lighted console plate.  Basically, Mustangs come with this pointless little change holder.  It’s ugly, collects dust and has no use.  This small company sells a replacement.  It’s basically a plate panel with various logos or letters on it with a small LED to light it up.  The only reason I haven’t ordered it yet is because I’m waiting to hear back about installation.  If I have to drill a hole to connect it to a power source, I won’t get it.  If it just runs on a tiny watch battery or something, I’ll go ahead and do it.


I’d really love to get some engine dress-up items, but most of the stuff is made by UPR.  I really am not a fan of UPR.  Besides, the only engine dress up you need is in the form of Kenne Bell: