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Phrases Like ‘Legislation Dealing With Climate’ Make Me Sad.

January 15, 2009

Here comes the good-for-nothing Congress promising ‘quick action’ on climate.  This is coming from a bunch of know-nothings who, coincidentally, couldn’t even draw you the chemical structure of Carbon Dioxide.  There is no quick action on climate.  In fact, there is no action on climate.  There is nothing we can do to stop the inevitability of a naturally occurring event of this magnitude.  And we aren’t even positive of all the factors that cause it!  While it is profitable to blame mankind to turn guilt into profits, it doesn’t make it right.  Ladies and gentlemen, hope and change!

For the last time. Humans are not solely responsible for climate change.   It will happen so unbelievably slow that the world will be able to adapt to and change in accordance to the situation.  And if they don’t, that’s how natural selection works.  Destroying the economy to drop CO2 levels in 50 years will make no difference 1,000 years from now.  The technology would have happened regardless of whether the government forced it.  It’s called innovation.  It’s that kind of thing that doesn’t need a government mandate.

Who am I to talk, though.  It makes perfect sense for people with no understanding of science to make laws dealing with environmental science after taking cues from people with an agenda.  Perfect sense.


Windows 7 Beta Build 7000.

January 11, 2009

Just installed the 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate Beta.  Only issues I’m having now are my 5.1 speakers and Creative audio panel not being fully functional, my NVIDIA control panel won’t launch and my Trillian icon is invisible in the task bar.  Aside from that, I like it.  And it’s only an early beta release.


Computer Benchmarks.

January 8, 2009

My memory benchmarks seem low.  AMD X3 8450 @ 2.205 GHz, 6GB DDR2 @ 1120 MHz.

Everest Benchmarks:

  • Memory Read 7226 MB/s
  • Memory Write 4667 MB/s
  • Memory Copy 7554 MB/s
  • Memory Latency 63.6 ns
  • CPU Queen 10223
  • CPU PhotoWorxx 12665
  • CPU ZLib 43734 KB/s
  • CPU AES 10975
  • FPU Julia 3986
  • FPU Mandel 2823
  • FPU SinJulia 1427

NFL Overtime

January 5, 2009

With all this focus on the absurd BCS system and the method in which a national champion is crowned, it’s easy to overlook an even bigger travesty.  Overtime in the National Football League.

Was it any more apparent than in the Colts/Chargers game this past weekend?  Basically, in overtime, the team that wins the coin toss and receives the ball first has a much higher chance of winning.  Why?  The first team to score wins.  That could be a 55 yard field goal.  Nothing is more anti-climatic than a hard fought game ending with a field goal or something set up by a cheap penalty.

The Colts lost the toss and had to play defense.  Colts’ coach Tony Dungy even said he likes OT the way it is because your defense has to stop the other team.  Right, Tony.  The Colts defense did stop the Chargers.  Unfortunately, the officiating crew saw fit to call an illegal contact penalty on the Colts.  The ball was way out of the Charger receivers’ reach, but apparently that would have been different had the Colts defender not grazed his jersey!  Here we are in overtime in the playoffs with 3rd and long and the officials call a tacky penalty like that to sustain the drive and lead the Chargers to victory.  You say a penalty is a penalty, I say let them play.  The ball was uncatchable and the receiver was out of position.  Don’t throw the flag.

The Chargers run in the TD and the game is over.  How anti-climatic is that?  I mean, once San Diego was inside the 35, the game was pretty much over.

College football has the best solution for overtime.  I love it.  It’s exciting and unpredictable.  Each team gets the ball on the opponent’s 25-yard line and does what they can.  If one team scores a TD, the other team knows they HAVE to score a TD.  As we saw with Boise State 2 years ago, you can be insane and go for 2 points to win or go down in flames if you can’t convert.  If it’s still tied after 2 overtimes, I believe the teams are required to attempt a 2-point conversion after a TD.  This way, the teams both get a chance to score.  A good defense will come through by not allowing a TD or maybe even pushing a team far enough back to not allow a FG.  Or even get a turnover.  When you lose in OT in college, you can never say it was unfair.

What is preventing the NFL from doing this?  Could it be because it would skew statistics?  If games go into OT, QBs could be passing for another 2 or 3 TDs easily.

Another change the NFL should make?  A seeded playoff system.  There is no reason the 12-4 Colts should be playing in San Diego against the 8-8 Chargers.  The same goes for Arizona hosting the Falcons.  The same teams would be in the playoffs and the same 2 teams would get byes, but the better teams who earned the right to host playoff games would do so.

2008 Car(s) of the Year

January 5, 2009

Since it was impossible for me to select just one of my favorite cars from 2008, I had to pick two.  This is fair for a multitude of reasons, for example:

  1. College football is allowed to have the BCS system in place.  While it allows fans the opportunity to see some really good games that otherwise would never happen, it is not as satisfying as a playoff format (which affords those same opportunities AND a clear national champion).  Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see Utah play again after they dismantled Alabama?
  2. The NFL is allowed to continue to use their overtime rules.  A follow-up post will cover this.
  3. Pink is able to sell records.
  4. Alessandra Ambrosio had a child and is about to be wed.

You see, none of those things are really fair, but they happen.  Therefore, I’m justified in choosing 2 cars.

The winners this year are:

2008 Nissan GTR

2008 Nissan GTR

2008 Nissan GTR

A 3.8L VR38DETT V6 powered by two IHI turbochargers.  Power to the wheels factory has been shown as high as 470+HP and 450+ ft lbs.  Did I mention this motor meets ULEV standards?  Probably one of the most technologically advanced cars in the world, it does things it shouldn’t be able to do.  Countless road tests call this car one of the best cars in the world.  And Top Gear awarded it as the Supercar of the Year in 2007 and if Clarkson likes it, it must be good.  Just wait for the much lighter and much more powerful V-Spec…

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1


2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

The most powerful production Vette ever built.  A supercharged LS9 making over 600hp and over 600 ft lbs.  And just look at it.  A top speed of 210mph.  Faster than a Nissan GTR.  Did I mention to look at it?  If this is the last Vette ever built, it definitely will go out on top.

Cell Phone / Texting Ban While Driving.

January 2, 2009

What do I think about this?  I don’t support making it illegal.  The reason is because if talking on your cell phone is distracting, so is eating or listening to music extremely loud.  So is using a GPS.  Talking to a passenger is distracting.

These laws exist for two reasons.  First, revenue.  When you ban cell phones and texting in cars, take a wild guess what people do.  They will still talk and text, except instead of watching the road, they will scan for police.  Sounds like a downgrade to me.  The second reason is because there are enough ‘advocates’ to support the legislation.  There will always be a ton of people who have been injured or lost people due to a car accident that was supposedly caused by cell phone usage.  These people think that the answer is to ban anything that could cause an accident.  Give enough humans a blade of grass and someone, somewhere will find a way to harm themselves or others with it.  You can’t just go around banning everything.  People will find new ways to ruin you.

Police are already too much into our business.  I don’t need them trying to see into my car to see if I’m texting or talking on my phone as well.  Unless the person is swerving around and being an idiot, mind your own business.