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My Current Top 10 Songs.

December 31, 2008

Here’s what I’ve listened to the most in the past few weeks or so.

1.  Opeth – Would? (Alice In Chains cover on the Burden EP/Single)folderwb8

2.  Lady GaGa – Poker Face (From the album The Fame)

3.  Kevin Rudolph & Lil’ Wayne – Let It Rock (From the album In The City)

4.  All That Remains – Before The Damned (From the album Overcome)

5.  Wintersun – Starchild (From the self-titled album Wintersun)

6.  Britney Spears – Circus (From the album Circus)

lady_gaga_the_fame-17.  Taylor Swift – Love Song (From the album Fearless)

8.  12 Stones – Adrenaline (From the album Anthem For The Underdog)

9.  Guns N’ Roses – Better (From the album Chinese Democracy)

10.  Ra – Broken Hearted Soul (From the album Black Sun)


GM Offering Extremely Low 60-Month APR.

December 31, 2008


The latest step from GM is to try to basically give new cars away by lending you money with 0% interest (or at least less than 5% APR).  Did I mention that those rates are for 60-month financing?  Take a look at the whole list here:  AutoBlog

These are especially good if you are in the market for an SUV (Not unrealistic with gas prices at least temporarily this low).  The other thing that sticks out for me is 1.9% on all 2008 Cadillacs – the full line.  And 3.9% on 2009 models.  In addition, you are likely to get these cars for a steal if you’re willing to negotiate.  That 60-month rate for an ’08 CTS almost makes me want to sell my Cobra.

Say It Isn’t So!

December 11, 2008

One of the worst driving offenses in the entire world and the subject of 90% of my road rage might finally be reaching the breaking point.  Police are finally starting to enforce all those signs you see on a highway or 2-lane road:

“Keep right except to pass”

“Slower traffic stay to the right”

Is there ANYTHING more maddening than being stuck behind a car in the left lane that is driving at or below the speed limit?  How about the ones that just cruise over there?  You finally get the chance to pass them on the right and they speed up to block you and then decelerate and cruise again.  You know these assholes.

The cost of a ticket should be over $1,000.  And then your tires should be slashed and your license revoked.

Next, there are other driving ‘offenses’ that the law needs to actually begin enforcing.

  • You are driving in the left lane passing slow people.  A driver from the slow right lane merges out in front of you with as little as one car length of space and as much at 10 car lengths – it doesn’t matter.  They ALWAYS take too long to get up to speed.  You ALWAYS have to hit your brakes.  Here’s how it should be:  Offending driver in the right lane backs off the car whose ass they are riding and accelerates into the left lane to pass.  This way, you merge into the left lane at a higher speed and you’re already accelerating.  No one has to hit their brakes behind you and you get to live.
  • The forever rolling stop.  Ever get behind these folks?  You come up to a stop light or stop sign in most cases and they begin slowing down as much as 1/2 mile away.  So you roll slower and slower.  Finally, they stop.  Of course, they’ve left 15 car lengths between their front bumper and the rear of the car in front of them.  Therefore, they stop and begin crawling forward a few feet at a time.  Ever tried to drive a manual transmission like that?  Brutal.  At least you get to have a rolling start when the light turns green, right?  Nope, they will inexplicably make one last complete stop after the light turns green.  These are the people who shoot airballs while playing basketball.
  • The opposite of the forever rolling stop, the insta-stop.  You are decelerating like usual with adequate space between you and the vehicle in front of you (usually an SUV).  All of the sudden, you realize the offending vehicle in front of you is at a dead stop and you are still at 30mph.  Hilarity ensues.  Of course, you can’t see around them, so you have no idea what traffic is like ahead of them.  Also, even leaving 10 car lengths is not enough to prevent a sudden stop.  These are the people who shoot a basketball like a projectile and it ricochets off the backboard like it was shot out of a cannon.  Absolutely no sense of momentum or self control.
  • How many times have you approached a stop light that may be shut off or out of service and it is flashing a yellow light?  Did you stop?  If you did, mace yourself in the face for 15 minutes and wash it out with a really strong base.  At what point in life has yellow ever meant stop?  Flashing red?  Stop.  What does a yellow light mean?  It means proceed, but use caution because some tool at the intersection might interpret his flashing red light as a green light.  Those who come to a stop a a yellow light increase the odds of an accident by about 2,000% (my own calculations).  Think about what happens.  One person stops and treats the intersection as a 4-way stop.  Here is the chain reaction.  Once one person stops, you assume 50% of the other drivers are fucking stupid.  They will also stop – like sheep.  The other 50% are not fucking stupid and they will be furious and drive through it – most likely angrily.  How about those people with a flashing red light?  They are all confused.  They know they are supposed to stop, but half the cars are stopping at the yellow expecting them to pull out and half are speeding through.  What do you do?  It’s a goddamn mess.  You get flashing red light people coerced into pulling out and they get stuck in the intersection.  The yellow light stoppers refuse to go until it really is their turn and a whole bunch of pissed off people are racing through.  Why is this not on the driving test when you get a license?  Why are you allowed to get anything less than 100% on a driving exam?  It is so simple, yet so many people are so stupid.
  • Red light cameras.  Want to increase accidents AND increase revenues?  Put a stoplight camera up at a busy intersection.  99% of the time, no one cares about a camera because most people don’t intentionally run red lights.  The downside is that there’s always that one time when you are approaching and the yellow hits and you are right in a neutral zone.  It’s that situation where you either have to stop really fast or pass through and likely hit the red by about 1 second (which is no harm since there is a delay on the other green light).  Unfortunately, the red light camera clouds our judgment.  You are either going to lock up the brakes to stop and likely get plowed from behind because you are terrified of getting a ticket.  Listen people.  If a cop gives you a ticket for passing under a red light right as it changes, you need to move because that’s some corrupt shit.  The sad part, most of those cameras aren’t even real.  Just another distraction while driving.

So those are just a few of my other pet peeves on the road that need to be enforced/fixed.