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Let Go

September 18, 2008


I don’t wanna be afraid
I don’t wanna run away
I don’t wanna be here fading
It’s more than I can take
I’m never gonna be the same
I threw it all away
I don’t wanna be here fading
Just let go!
(Look what you do to me)
Let go!

-Red ‘Let Go’ (From the album ‘End Of Silence‘)


Playstation 3 Game Selection

September 16, 2008


It appears that Sony is still somewhat struggling to get quality titles out to the market.  Has there been one since Metal Gear Solid 4?  One of the main problems is that developers are making these games epic.  As in vast storylines and gameplay.  Good for us, bad for business.  Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed so much that a Prologue version was released.  God of War 3, Little Big Planet, Final Fantasy and even Metal Gear.  These games are taking SO long to be released.  Thankfully, the PS3 seems to be loaded with online features as well as Blu-Ray capability so that there should be no reason for it to collect dust between big titles.

The Past.

September 11, 2008


Beneath the water
That’s falling from my eyes
Lays a soul I’ve left behind
The edge of sorrow was reached but now I’m fine
I’ve filled the hole I had inside

A risky morning
I feel like I’m alive
I can’t believe I’ve made it through this time
The edge of sorrow I lived in for some time
Has left the hole I have inside

I’m up
I’m down
Like a rollercoaster racing through my life
I’ve erased the past again

-Sevendust/Chris Daughtry ‘The Past’ (From the album ‘Chapter VII – Hope & Sorrow‘)

Now hackers can really screw with you.

September 9, 2008

Control Center

Via EngadgetHD.

This technology is becoming increasingly popular and increasingly cool and it’s pretty awesome.  I recall seeing this at Epcot like 8 years ago and thinking how advanced it was.  Now, while it’s pretty cool, you kind of expect it.  Regardless, once more of these units make their way into homes, I bet the number of reported ghosts spikes dramatically.  TV channels changing, lights going on and off.  Yeah, you know it.  Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana.  You know it.  Gonna have to do a spin off of Ghost Hunters.

Pocketful of Sunshine.

September 8, 2008


Take me away, a secret place
A sweet escape, take me away
Take me away, to better days
Take me away, a hiding place

The sun is on my side and takes me for a ride
I smile up to the sky, I know I’ll be all right

-Natasha Bedingfield ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ (From the album ‘Pocketful of Sunshine‘)

Can I gloat? Why not.

September 8, 2008

Brady Down and out

Ha.  Ha Ha.  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!  See you in 2009, Tom.

Disclosure:  I’m a Miami Dolphins fan.  Yes, we’re a young team and probably won’t win 6 games, but this makes it all worth it.

Ralph Nader reveals that he isn’t completely out of his mind.

September 8, 2008


Via The Detroit News:

Independent presidential contender Ralph Nader lambasted Detroit automakers Sunday for what he called decades of poor decision-making and said they do not deserve a federal bailout to save their hemorrhaging industry.”The taxpayer should not be played for a sucker,” Nader said outside a Detroit church to a small group of supporters, referring to a $50 billion loan package sought by the Big Three.

He’s right.  Obama wants to hand over $50 billion and McCain would hand over $25 billion.  Unfortunately for Nader, he also supports a form of universal health care, which would make $50 billion look like a nickel.  Using Nader’s logic, why should taxpayers foot the bill for folks who have made unhealthy lifestyle choices?  While Nader’s underlying reason is understood – the American market has simply been out competed by the likes of Honda and Toyota due to out-dated production practices and things like pensions and the like, the blame falls squarely on the Big Three and, as many would argue, unions.

Ford, GM and Chrysler sales were down 25.6, 20.4 and 34.5% respectively in August.  While other manufacturers were also down, these numbers are markedly worse in comparison.  What good will a $50 billion bail out do when they still can’t sell their only commodity – vehicles?  Chevrolet has a really nice entry-level car called the Malibu.  My former fiance was car shopping and I believe was going to choose between a new Accord and a Malibu.  The Malibu was back ordered.  The Accord was available to drive off the lot.  Guess what car she chose?

Anyway, the article goes on to state that the $50 billion would get more fuel efficient vehicles on the road faster.  Right.  Chevrolet just released the 600HP supercharged Corvette ZR-1.  The 400+HP Camaro is due for release next year.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I’d rather drive around a supercar getting 24-25 highway MPG as opposed to some entry-level compact that gets 28-34 highway MPG.  It’s a no contest for me.  I’m just saying that most people are more practical.  It’s hard to take a company’s committment to more fuel efficient cars when the big press releases brag about the newest V8.

Just do what Barack Obama says and inflate your tires and get a tune-up.  It’s that easy folks.  Air inflation and a tune-up and your vehicle will magically exceed factory MPG specifications.  One thing I’m fairly confident of is that electric cars will not be the future.  And Ralph Nader will never hold elected office.  Oh, most importantly, this bailout would be like putting a band-aid on a severed limb.

Never Enough.

September 8, 2008


I’d rather hate you for everything you are
Than ever love you for something you are not
I’d rather you hate me for everything I am
Than have you love me for something that I can’t

It’s never enough, it’s never enough
No matter what I say
It’s never enough, no it’s never enough
No matter who I try to be
It’s never enough, no it’s never enough
No matter how I try to taste
It’s never enough, never never enough
I’ll never be what you want me to be

-Five Finger Death Punch ‘Never Enough

So where is our very own T-101 sent from the future to save the world?

September 8, 2008


Via Engadget.

No, no T-101 will be sent from the future to stop the Large Hadron Collider because there won’t be a future to speak of, haha.  So in a couple of months, when the micro-black hole that ‘probably’ won’t happen does happen, it should be painless.  Note that I don’t think there’s anything to worry about, but all the talk about this reminds me of the Y2K bug.  Of course, when the solar system is swallowed up, there won’t be anyone to tell me ‘I told you so.’

My Last Serenade.

September 8, 2008

Killswitch Engage

This revelation is the death of ignorance
Tangled in a state of suffocation
Slave to self righteousness
Damnation is on your lips

From sorrow to serenity, the truth is absolution
From sorrow to serenity, it’s on your head
This is my last serenade
I feel you as you fall away
This is my last serenade
From yourself you can’t run away

It’s your choice, point the finger
But it’s on your head
Your destination is a choice within yourself
Will you rise or become a slave
To self righteousness
Open up your heart and gaze within

From sorrow to serenity, the truth is absolution
From sorrow to serenity, it’s on your head
This is my last serenade
I feel you as you fall away
This is my last serenade
From yourself you can’t run away

-Killswitch Engage ‘My Last Serenade’ (From ‘Alive Or Just Breathing‘)